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here i sit so fucking shy
wondering what’s going through your mind
or what you’re even like
as time ticks quickly by
a life so short, incomplete
so many people I’d like to meet
feeling awkward, afraid
potential friends I could have made
why do we keep to ourselves and not dare leave our fucking shells?
let our feelings and emotions blend
we could be the best of friends

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you know i’m such a fool for you

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violet-lilly said: I sent you an ask roughly a year ago basically saying that this blog disgusted me you're being racist to white people [insert internalized racism here] ect. A year later, I finally get it. It took a lot of reading, a lot of research, a lot of following social justice blogs but I. Get. It. To everyone who doesn't get it, this is SO. DEEP. You HAVE to do research to fully understand, you have to immerse yourself in it and you have to think outside of everything society has ever taught you.


I think this is an example of why it’s annoying when people demand answers to questions about racism - especially broad questions that can’t be easily answered without a lot of background. If you genuinely want to challenge your beliefs and learn, you’ll probably be like this person and do research on your own and realize that there is a lot more to social phenomena than you think



did anyone else see the edward snowden interview in the guardian about two days ago where he said that most of the NSA agents doing checks through people’s data are men aged 18-22 and that when they access photographs of attractive women naked they all…

Ever have a weird interaction and then think about it for way longer than u should


Title Fight


All the Hangover movies (and movies like it) to me are an accurate depiction of how white boys can do so much illegal and unethical shit and still walk away with a clean slate

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England: colour
America: color
England: humour
America: humor
England: flavour
America: flavor
England: what are you doing
America: getting rid of u lmao

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Anonymous said: That's not Gummo that's a Christmas Story

No way really????? I thot it was gummo coulda fooled me????

Smashing Pumpkins | 1979, 1996

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