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Frida Kahlo’s “Wounded Deer”
Done by Sean Arnold at Alchemy Tattoo in Silverlake, CA
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Put my tapestry up all by myself 
I am woman hear me roar


Manchester Orchestra - Where Have You Been?

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Soco Amaretto Lime - Brand New

You and me were kings over the parkway tonight
And tonight will go on forever while we
walk around this town like we own the streets
and stay awake through summer like we own the heat

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white ppl have so many aesthetics to choose from without appropriating

  • the adidas russia aesthetic
  • aloe vera plant and nike
  • big ass easter bunny costume
  • west virginia soybean farm
  • florida mom
  • wet grass clippings
  • wear a cute lil wig

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Had such a good weekend w/ all the shopping and girl talk a girl could hope for. So happy I finally got my paws on the new Rookie yearbook 🐶

masculin / feminingrace jones by jean-paul goude


I think Lolita is beautifully written and Nabokov is a genius, but the way I see the Lolita-Humbert relationship idolized on tumblr makes me feel a little bit sick. You like older dudes? Cool, me too- but don’t act like it’s a romance, it isn’t. A grown man repeatedly rapes a teenage girl and emotionally manipulates her. Don’t be fooled by the beautiful prose, it’s not a love story. 

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That Wolf of Wallstreet movie pissed me off tbh

anti heroes are supposed to be (at least kind of) likable